Week end 30/1/16

Sunday 24th January

10.30am  English Language Service in the Church. Preacher: Rev. Michael Lee.
10.30am  Japanese Language Service in the   Bamboo Hall. Preacher:   Rev. Hideyoshi Kashiwagura.

Friday 22nd January to Monday 25th January  Engage ‘16 Leadership Conference at Belgrave Heights.

Wednesday 27th January
7.30pm     Safe Church Training in Room 1.

Friday 29th January
6.00pm     IYA in the Bamboo Hall.

Saturday 30th January
9.30am  Sunday School Teachers’ Meeting in   Room 1 to prepare for Sunday School in Term 1.
11.00am  Session Retreat at the Grahams’.

Youth Worker

In October 2014 the congregation agreed at a Congregational Meeting that we should employ a part-time Youth Worker at Canterbury Presbyterian Church and undertook to support that Worker both prayerfully and financially. Paul Jang was appointed by the Session to that position as from 1 January 2015. We thank and praise the Lord for Paul’s leadership and oversight of the Youth Ministry in 2015. With the pledge of support from Presbyterian churches in Cheonan, South Korea (providing 50% of the funding required), Paul was able to apply for Permanent Residency in Australia for his family on the basis of a full-time Youth Worker position at Canterbury. That PR visa has now been granted and Paul will serve in a full-time capacity in 2016. Please continue to support Paul (both prayerfully and through your regular giving each week) in this crucial ministry in the life of our church.

Fellow Workers/AP

Copies of the December 2015 issue of Fellow Workers (incorporating Partnership, the APWM Newsletter, and On Track, the PIM newsletter) and the Summer 2015/2016 issue of Australian Presbyterian are available.

Taylor Tales!

The newsletter of Michelle Taylor (Rainbow of Hope ministry to orphans in Russia, Ukraine, Central Asia and Eastern Europe), the Sunday School missionary for 2016, is available this morning.

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