Week ending 20/2/16

Sunday 14th February
10.30am   English Language Service in the Church. Preacher: Rev. Grant Lawry.
10.30am   Japanese Language Service in the Bamboo Hall. Preacher: Rev. Hideyoshi Kashiwagura.
12.20pm   Missions Morning Tea – Rev. Phil Court (Flemington Mission). Followed by Lunch in the Forrest Hall.
   Family Service in the Church. Preacher: Paul Jang

Wednesday 17th February
Boundaries Class in Room 1.
7.30pm   Meeting of the Presbytery of Melbourne East at Surrey Hills Presbyterian Church.

Thursday 18th February
9.45am   Boundaries Class in the Bamboo Hall.
7.00pm   Home Group at Lemuel and Lilly’s.
7.30pm   Korean Students’ Bible Study in the Bamboo Hall.

Friday 19th February
6.00pm   IYA in the Bamboo Hall.
7.00pm   Youth Group in the Forrest Hall.

Prays for:

  • Dorothy Cooper and her family as they mourn and come to terms with the passing of Shirley Robertson.
  • John Howden as he recovers from a dislocated collar bone suffered in a recent fall.
  • Give thanks for Paul Jang’s successful nose operation and his safe return to Melbourne.Pray for him and the Youth Ministry team as the work commences this week.
  • Joy Arundell that she will have the support (financial and prayerful) required to commence her work with AFES at Deakin University.
  • Anne Bult as she undergoes treatment for indolent non-Hodgkin lymphoma for healing and God’s peace.
  • Pray for healing for Rachel Herweynen as she has treatment for psoriatic arthritis and ankylosing spondylitis.

PWMU Group

The first meeting of the Canterbury Presbyterian Women’s Missionary Union (PWMU) Group will be held this Thursday, 11 February at the home of Douglas and Joan Milne from 10.00am with the speakers being Russell and Ruth Briggs from Pioneers. Lunch will follow the meeting. All welcome but please let Joan Milne know if you are intending to attend.

Youth Group

Youth Group commenced last Friday at 7.00pm in the Forrest Hall. Please pray for the leaders, Paul Jang, Katherine Goswell, Lemuel and Lilly Suraj, Louise Goswell, Kevin Yeon, Mook Lee and Sophia Ee for the Lord’s wisdom and enabling in their crucial ministry in the life of our church.

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