Week ending 23/4/16

Sunday 17th April
10.30am  English Language Service in the Church. Preacher: Rev. Greg Goswell
10.30am  Japanese Language Service in the   Bamboo Hall. Preacher: Rev. Hideyoshi Kashiwagura.
5.00pm  Sunday Night ‘Live’ in the Church.  Preacher: Pete Sorrenson.

Monday 18th April
7.30pm   Young Adults’ Group at the Milnes’

Wednesday 20th April

Thursday 21st April
10.00am   ‘Boundaries’ class in the Bamboo Hall.
7.30pm   Home Group at Lemuel and Lilly’s
8.00pm   Manse Bible Study at the Church

Friday 22nd April
6.00pm   IYA in the Bamboo Hal
7.00pm   Youth Group in the Forrest Hall

Fundraising Booklets

Funde booklets giving you the opportunity to enjoy over $800 worth of savings in sport (AFL, Soccer), entertainment (Village Cinemas, Strike, Timezone, Latitude) and food and beverages (Hungry Jacks, Rolla, Mad Max, Muffin Break, Yo-get-it, Taco Bill, The Pancake Parlour and The Groove Train) are available from Elaine Austin (cost is $20)

Fundraising for Salt and Light Mission

The Street Family Café is the first project of Salt and Light, the mission-based (soon-to-be) charity. The Street Family Café will focus on ministry to the homeless and provide a place where they can find love, hope, and acceptance. The aim is to employ the homeless staff, so that they can improve their lives, while being a hope and inspiration to other homeless people. We pray that through the café, there will be more opportunities to show and share God’s love with those who so desperately need it so that they may come to know him through Christ. Please support this ministry.

Administrative Officer—PTC Victoria

Alicia Noble is resigning in early May as the above. She has held the position for ten years. The college is looking for another person to continue in this role. The Officer is directly responsible to the Principal. Their responsibilities include reception, mail, filing and resourcing equipment and supplies.

Other general administration tasks include preparing meeting minutes, public relations, liaising with the church office, communication with students, and travel and accommodation arrangements.  The position is full-time, and may include working outside normal hours. If you are interested in applying you must supply two referees and send your application in to the principal, Peter Hastie at peterhastie@ptc.vic.edu.au by Monday 18 April (TOMORROW!).

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