Week ending 28/5/16

Sunday 22nd May
10.30am  English Language Service in the   Church. Preacher: Rev. Alan Every.
10.30am  Japanese Language Service in the   Bamboo Hall. Preacher: Rev. Hideyoshi Kashiwagura.
Followed by Luncheon in the Forrest Hall.
5.00pm  ‘Sunday at 5’ in the Church.  Preacher: Mook Lee.

Monday 23th May
7.30pm  Young Adults’ Group at the Milnes’.

Wednesday 25th May
7.30pm  Session meeting in Room 1.
7.30pm  ‘Boundaries’ in the Bamboo Hall.

Thursday 26th May
10.00am  ‘Boundaries’ in the Bamboo Hall.
7.30pm  Home Group at Lemuel and Lilly’s.
7.30pm  Korean Students’ Service in the Church.

Friday 27th May
10.00am  Bible Study in Room 1.
6.00pm  IYA in the Bamboo Hall.
7.00pm  Youth Group in the Forrest Hall.

Presbyterian Women’s National Conference

The above is being held on Friday 27 May and Saturday 28 May at Scots Church, Melbourne.

For those interested in attending all or part of the proceedings, registration forms (and registration information) are available on the table on your left as you enter the Forrest Hall through the door from the church. For any man who wishes to attend, there is a ‘men included session’ at 2.00pm on Friday, when Rev. Mark Smith (Moderator of the Presbyterian Church of Victoria) and Rev. Douglas Milne are on a panel which discusses the topic: Connecting within our churches: men and women in partnership.

Petition in the East Porch of the Church

There is a Petition from Barnabas Fund Australia relating to Syrian and Iraqi Christians fleeing the killing fields and slavery of Islamic State territory, and the need for our political leaders to officially recognise the genocide being carried out against religious minorities. Please sign your name etc. if you wish to support the petition.

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