Week ending 13/8/16

Sunday 7th August
10.30am  Combined Service in the Church,   including the Sacrament of Baptism   (but not the Lord’s Supper).  Preacher: Rev. Grant Lawry.
Followed by Joint Morning Tea in the Forrest   Hall (no luncheon).
5.00pm  “Sunday at 5” in the Church.   Preacher: Rev. Grant Lawry.

Monday 8th August

7.30pm      Young Adults’ Group at the Milnes’.

Tuesday 9th August

7.30pm      Board of Management Meeting in Room 1.

Wednesday 10th August

10.30am    Babysong playgroup in the Bamboo Hall.

7.30pm      Boundaries Class at the Tings’.

Thursday 11th August

10.00am    PWMU Meeting in the Bamboo Hall. Speaker: Mavis Price.

7.30pm      Home Group at Lemuel and Lilly’s.

7.30pm Korean Students Bible Study in the Bamboo Hall.

8.00pm “6 Steps to Loving Your Church” (Session 2) in Room 1 at the Church.

Friday 12th August

10.00am “6 Steps to Loving Your Church” (Session 3) in Room 1 at the Church.

1.30pm Wedding of Marcus and Yunmi.

Marcus and Yunmi’s Wedding

Marcus Campbell and Yunmi (Amy) Jung will be married at Canterbury Presbyterian Church on Friday 12 August at 1.30pm. Please pray for Marcus and Yunmi in their preparations and for the Lord’s blessing upon their marriage. Pray for Yunmi as she also adjusts to life in Melbourne.

Missionaries to Japan

Please make next Sunday morning’s MMT a priority as Jane Lennan (from the Japanese congregation and St Jude’s) shares with us her calling to serve with OMF in Japan as Administrative Assistant to the Serve Japan Coordinator in Chiba, near Tokyo, looking after those coming to Japan on short-term mission.

Andrew Adams (with Pioneers) and Jane Lennan (with OMF) are both planning and preparing to go as missionaries to Japan towards the end of 2016. Jane will be speaking at a Missions Morning Tea in the second half of the year and Andrew has spoken during the Combined Service in July to keep us up-to-date with what is happening and how we can support them.

Sunday School Photographs
Photographs of each Sunday School class and their teachers will be taken on Sunday 14 August by Cam Herweynen and put on the noticeboard to your right as you enter the Forrest Hall to help us to pray for the children the Lord has given us and their families and this important ministry. If you do not want your child to be included in the class photo, will you please advise your child’s teacher.

Fellow Workers/AP

Copies of the latest edition of “Fellow Workers”, the newsletter of the Presbyterian Church of Victoria and of Australian Presbyterian (“Fight the Good Fight”) are available this morning on the table

Barnabas Fund Magazine

Copies of “Barnabasaid”, the bi-monthly magazine of the Barnabas Fund, an aid agency for the persecuted church are available. Please take one. The July/August issue focuses on “Clinging to Christ in the Former Soviet Union”. Barnabas Fund do an excellent work and are well worth our support both prayerfully and financially. The magazine has in the centre a separate booklet to help you pray for the persecuted church in July/ August.

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