Week starting 4/9/16

Monday 5th September
7.30pm      Young Adults’ Group at the Milnes’.

Tuesday 6th September
7.30pm      “Six Steps to Loving Your Church” (Session 4) in Room 1.

Wednesday 7th September
7.30pm  Boundaries Class at the Tings’.

Thursday 8th September
10.00am PWMU meeting in the Bamboo Hall. Speaker: Janae Denness.
7.30pm Home Group at Lemuel and Lilly’s.
7.30pm Korean Students Bible Study in the Bamboo Hall.
8.00pm “Six Steps to Loving Your Church” (Session 4) in Room 1.

Friday 9th September
10.00am “Six Steps to Loving Your Church” (Session 5) in Room 1.
6.00pm IYA in the Bamboo Hall.
7.00pm Youth Group in the Forrest Hall.

Sunday 11th September
10.30am English Language Service in Church Preacher: Rev. Michael Lee.
10.30am Japanese Language Church in the Bamboo Hall.    Preacher: Rev. Sato.
12.20pm Missions Morning Tea in the Forrest Hall. Speaker: Paul Denness.
5.00pm “Sunday at 5” in the Church.       Preacher: Mook Lee (Nehemiah 3).

PTC Short Course—Effective Youth Ministry

This course run by Rev. Brian Harvey, Youth Ministries Director of the PCV is on 6 Wednesday evenings—27 July, and 3, 17, 24 and 31 August and 7 September from 7 to 9.00pm at the PTC in Box Hill North. The cost for the six sessions is $80.

The Seymours

The July/August Prayerletter from the Seymours—”Jesus for the Japanese” – the last before they return to Australia on home assignment is available this morning on the table to your right as you enter the Forrest Hall. The Seymours will return to Melbourne on September 10. They ask for prayer for guidance. OMF is considering assigning them to the “Diaspora” field of ministry—probably in Melbourne. The “Diaspora” field involves working among overseas based Japanese, with a view to seeing them become disciples of Jesus and going back to Japan to evangelise their own people.

Six Steps To Loving Your Church

If you would like to take part in this exciting six-session program which covers subjects such as (1) your current attitudes towards church, and how they are expressed; (2) what the Bible says about church and its purposes; (3) what it means to love your church and the people who go there; (4) how all of us can be engaged in the “ministry of the pew” – an active, loving service of others, before, during and after church, then a new group begins THIS TUESDAY (16 AUGUST) at 7.30pm in Room 1 and will continue through weekly until 20 September. If you are in either the Thursday evening or the Friday morning groups which are undertaking this program on a fortnightly basis you are most welcome to attend the Tuesday group for any of the sessions you miss with your regular group

 Tech/Sound System Training Day

For those interested it is being held at Malvern PC on 3 September. Cost is $5—food provided.

Taste and See Afternoon Tea

Joy Arundell as a member of AFES Staff team from the Deakin University Christian Union invites members of our church to an afternoon tea next Saturday, 3 September from 2.30pm to 4.30pm in the Sage Restaurant, Building HD, level 2, Deakin University. This is a thank you afternoon tea for the partnership we have with Joy and her fellow workers in the work of CU. There will be good food at a great campus café and great stories of what God has been doing on campus. Let’s together “Taste and See that the Lord is Good”.

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