Week Starting 11/9/16

Monday 12th September
7.30pm       Young Adults Group at Milnes’

Wednesday 14th September
10.30am     Babysong playgroup in the Bamboo Hall
7.30pm       Boundaries Class in Room 1
7.30pm       Board of Management Meeting in the Bamboo Hall

Thursday 15th September
10.00am     Boundaries Class in the Bamboo Hall
7.30pm       Home Group at Lemuel and Lilly’s
7.30pm       Korean Students’ Bible Study in the Bamboo Hall

Friday 16th September
6.00pm       IYA Meeting in the Bamboo Hall
7.00pm       Youth Group members meet to go out for activity

Saturday 17th September
10.00am     Wedding of Alex Morris and Amy Ashcroft in the church

Sunday 18th September
10.30am     English Language Service in the Church.  Preacher: Rev Grant Lawry
10.30am     Japanese Language Service in the Bamboo Hall.   Preacher: Rev Sato
5.00pm       ‘Sunday at 5’ in the Church. Preacher: Rev Robert Benn (formerly Director of APWM) followed by Bring and Share dinner at which Dr Flip Buys, International Director of the World Reformed Fellowship will speak about Mukhanyo Theological College.

Dayspring Day 2016

The purpose of Dayspring Day is to teach children how to encourage, and be, God’s special missionaries. The theme this year is “Created for His Glory”, so animal dress-ups are welcome. There will be plenty of activities including decorating cookies, meeting missionaries, and playing fun games. Children of all ages are welcome. Dayspring Day will be held on Wednesday, 21 September, from 10.00am to 1.00pm at Wycliffe Bible Translators, 70 Graham Road, Kangaroo Ground. Don’t forget to bring your own lunch. Any questions, contact: Cassie Hood on 0409 141 470 or cassie@hoodfamily.org.au

Special Evening Service—18 September

On Sunday 18 September at our evening service, Dr Flip Buys, International Director of the World Reformed Fellowship, will be interviewed about its work and Rev. Robert Benn (formerly Director of APWM) will preach on “Wearing Another’s Shoes”. As this is the Sunday at the start of the school holidays we will have our ’bring and share’ dinner that evening (rather than on 25 September). At the dinner Dr Buys will speak about Mukhango Theological College (which he founded in 1994) and its work taking care of 1,500 orphans and more than 500 HIV AIDS patients, running a peer education programme touching the lives of 400 teenagers and also running the Nakekela palliative care centre. Please bring some extra food for any visitors.

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