Week starting 12/2/17

Sunday 12th February
10.30am    English Language Service in the Church. Preacher: Rev. Alan Every.
10.30am    Japanese Language Service in the   Bamboo Hall.    Preacher: Rev. Hideyoshi Kashiwagura.
12.20pm    Missions Morning Tea in the Forrest Hall. Speaker: Daryl Jackson
5.00pm      “Sunday at 5” in the Church. Preacher: Paul Jang  (Parable of the Workers in the Vineyard).

Monday 13th February
7.30pm Young Adults’ at the Milne’s.

Tuesday 14th February
12.30pm Craft Group in the Bamboo Hall (till 2.30pm).
7.30pm    Board of Management in Room 1.

Wednesday 15th February
7.30pm Presbytery of Melbourne East meeting at Canterbury.
7.30pm Bible Study Group at Church led by Michael Smith (James).
7.30pm ‘Boundaries’ Class at the home of Joseph & Helen Ting.

Thursday 16th February
10.00am ‘Boundaries’ Class in the Bamboo Hall.
7.30pm Home Group at the Goswells’ (led by Aso Lungleng.
7.30pm Korean Students’ Bible Study

Friday 17th February
10.00am Bible Study group in Room 1 (Life of Abraham).
6.00pm IYA Meeting in the Bamboo Hall.

Sunday 19th February
10.30am English Language Service in the Church. Preacher: Rev. Grant Lawry.
10.30am Japanese Language Service in the Bamboo Hall.  Preacher: Rev. Hideyoshi Kashiwagura.
12.30pm Barbecue Lunch.
5.00pm “Sunday at 5” in the Church. Preacher: Marcus Campbell
(Come to the Banquet).

Michael Lee and Family

Michael is currently on long service leave from 1 January until 31 March 2017. We will be having a farewell function for Michael and his family towards the end of Term 1.

Mook, Ashley and Family

Please pray for them as Mook commences his new position as Cross-Cultural Worker at Ashburton Presbyterian Church. We thank them for their service at Canterbury over the past couple of years.

Pastoral News for Prayer:

  1. The Engage Conference to be held next weekend training and equipping young people to teach and share God’s Word and for Louise Goswell (one of our Youth Leaders) who will be attending.
  2. Giving thanks for the recent PYV Summer Camp and for the excellent series of talks by Rev. Jared Keath on Exodus and the building up of the youth of our church in the knowledge and grace of our Lord Jesus Christ.
  3. Lemuel and Lilly Suraj and baby Luke as they leave at the end of this week to visit family and friends in India for about a month – for travelling mercies and wonderful times of fellowship and refreshment.
  4. Jane Lennan, as she flies out of Melbourne today to commence her role with OMF’s Serve Asia based in Tokyo.
  5. Dorothy Easton, as she stays at Alexandra Gardens in Old Warrandyte Road, Donvale for respite and rehabilitation after a lung infection.

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