Korean sermons archive to be sorted

1_12_13 trans.Word.doc
5 August 2012-Translation into Korean
7월 7일 설교
8월+4일+설교… (1)
9월+29일+설교..   13


271013 (trans)
Korean Sermon 23 September_12
September2012_ Revised Agenda
Sermon 1 July_12_translaltion_new version Sermon 2 Jun_13_ko
Sermon 2 Sep_12_ko (1)
Sermon 2 Sep_12_ko (2)
Sermon 2 Sep_12_ko
Sermon 3 Mar_13_ko.doc
Sermon 07 Oct_12_ko_final
Sermon 8 July_12_ko (1)
Sermon 8 July_12_ko
Sermon 9 Dec_12 trans
Sermon 9 Sep_12_korean-1
Sermon 10_2_13 final (kor)
Sermon 12 Aug_12_ko_final
Sermon 12 May_13_ko
Sermon 16 Dec_12_ko
Sermon 17 Feb_13_ko
Sermon 17 June_12_ko
Sermon 22 July_12
Sermon 24 June_12(korean)
Sermon 25 Aug_13_ko
Sermon 25 Nov_12_ko
Sermon 26 Aug_12 trans
Sermon 29 July_12-final
Sermon 29 Mar_13_ko
Sermon 30 Dec_12_ko
Sermon 30 Sep2012_ministry trip to South Korea
Sermon 30 September_12_translation version
Sermon for Korea Trip_ko
Sermon for Korean trip 2014Word
sunday sermon for camp(6,10,2013)

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