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Canterbury Presbyterian Church is a vibrant, growing church blessed with a cross cultural congregation including a large community of Korean and Japanese people. The church has a foundation of sincere worship and strong biblical teaching.

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Sunday Morning: English & Japanese Service

1st Week of the Month Combined English and Japanese Service

  • In the main church
  • Baptisms, Sacraments (breaking of bread/grape juice)

10:30am English Language Service

  • In the main Church building
  • Children talk and Sunday School provided before sermon
  • and Creche for young babies and toddlers

10:30am Japanese Language Service

  • In the Bamboo Hall
  • Japanese Lunch provided on the 4th week Sunday

After Service

  • Morning Tea served after service to meet and greet
  • Korean or BBQ lunch provided after the service ($3 per person or $10 family)
  • Bible Study on Sermon following lunch for International Students

Sunday Evening

5:00pm ‘Sunday at 5’ in the Church

  • In the main Church building


Minister: Vacant
Home phone: Please contact Peter 

Session Clerk: Peter Graham
Phone/Fax: 9803 1605
Email: 5graham@optusnet.com.au

Pastor to the Koreans: Dong Choi
phone: 0403 334 282
Email:  djchoi85@gmail.com

Melbourne Japanese Language Church
Minister: Rev Hideyoshi Kashiwagura
phone: 0481 097 335
Email: dede.hideyoshi@gmail.com
ATadashi Hanazono: 03 9801 8210

Church Groups

Prayer Meetings

Marcus Campbell (0451 988 267)

Home Groups

Alan Every (0427 400 778)
Aso Lungleng (0474 494 993)

Young Adults

Douglas Milne (9886 7670)

Korean Men’s/Women’s Cell Groups

Dong Choi (043 112 230)

Boundaries Classes

Anne Lawry (9836 4077)


Joan Milne (9886 7670)

Sunday School

Brindley Vanderwert (0439 260 036)

Youth Ministry (Years 7 – 12)

Chris Munn (0438 899 627)

English Classes

Alan Every (0427 400 778)

International Young Adults

Ray Taouk  (0416 090 327)


Greg & Shireen Seymour (Japan)
Daryl & Soyoun Jackson (MTI, Korea)
Andrew Adams (Japan)
Jane Lennan (Japan)

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  1. sheridan Indarto March 7, 2016 — 9:43 AM

    Hello. We are members with Wycliffe Bible translators and have been asked by (we think) PMWU section of your church to soon come and speak to share our work. We don’t know time or details but believe we were asked to speak on 31st of March? Would someone mind following this up and emailing me.


    1. Missions morning tea is looked after by Joan Milne who is the co-ordinator. I have forwarded it on. Thanks


  2. We are inquiring about whether you have a hall for hire for a dancing class? It is for a one off class.


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