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Go therefore and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, teaching them to observe all that I have commanded you.

The Holy Bible: English Standard Version, (Wheaton, IL: Crossway Bibles, 2016), Mt 28:19–20.

Canterbury Presbyterian Church has a long history of missionary support and maintains an active role in both sending and supporting missionaries in the field (locally and globally) through a program of regular prayer, information updates, and financial support. We actively support Australian Presbyterian World Missions (APWM) and other evangelical associations including the Australian Federation of Evangelical Students (AFES), Church Missionary Society of Australia (CMS), Overseas Missionary Fellowship (OMF), and Pioneers Australia. As a congregational commitment, the church currently provides direct, ongoing support to:

  • Andrew Adams
  • Daryl and Soyoun Jackson
  • Jane Lennon
  • Greg and Shireen Seymour


Missions Morning Tea (MMT) is held on the third Sunday of every month in the Forrest Hall following our morning church service. Featured missionaries and ministry workers present a half-hour presentation on their calling, work, and support needs. The church responds with questions and a time of dedicated prayer.

Come, grab a cup of tea or coffee and join us after the morning service for this time of Christian mission challenge and support.


Presbyterian Women’s Missionary Union (PWMU) provides support and love to those in cross-cultural ministries around the world through prayer, information sharing, encouragement and finance.

Learn more on the PWMU website »

The PWMU group at Canterbury meets on the second Thursday of each month in the Bamboo Hall. Please contact Joan Milne if you are interested in attending.

Program for Missions 2021

MMT 3rd Sunday PWMU 2nd Thursday
12.20 to 12.50, then ten minutes for question and prayer and finish at 1pm 10am to 12 noon
February 21st Andrew Wong, Flemington Mission February 11th Lunch at Milnes Ure Javkhlan
March 21st Calvin and Ruth Mathys March 11th Wendy Bytheway
April 18th Greg and Shireen Seymour April 8th Shireen Seymour
May 16th Ure Javkhlan May 13th Andrew Edmonds
June 20th Wendy Bytheway June 10th Ruth Mathys
July 18th Ross Maxwell July 8th Ross Maxwell
August 15th Campbells August 12th Campbells
September 19th
September 9th Renée Hann
October17th Andrew Edmonds October  No meeting
November 21st Andrew Adams November 11th AGM Lunch Andrew Adams