Here at Canterbury PC, there are a range of groups and ministries you can get involved in. Outlined here are some of the ministries available. Click the links or scroll down to see the various groups.


Bible Studies



International Ministries

English Classes

International Young Adults

Korean Ministries

Japanese Ministries

Children & Youth

Canterbury Youth

Sunday School

Fellowship Groups

Ladies’ Group

Men’s Group

Bible Study

Everyone at CPC is encouraged to join a Bible Study Group.

Monday 7:30pm Young Adults Study Group Douglas Milne

Thursday 7.30pm Korean students Bible study in the Bamboo Hall

Thursday 7.30pm Bible study at the home of Lemuel and Lilly Suraj

Friday 10am Bible study at church

If you are interested in joining one of these Bible Studies, please contact Grant.


Missionaries CPC support

Canterbury Presbyterian Church has a strong focus on supporting Missionaries…..
CPC directly supports a number of missionaries including:

  • Greg and Shireen Seymour (Japan)
  • Daryl and Soyoun Jacson (PTC Study)
  • Joy Arundell (AFES— Deakin Burwood)

For more information about these missionaries, or how you can support them, please contact Grant.

Missions Morning Tea (2nd Sunday of month)

Following the morning worship service, missionaries are invited to come and give a presentation about their work and experience on the mission field (whether overseas or locally).

Christian Religious Education (CRE)

A number of our members teach CRE in local Primary Schools, and we support them in prayer and other practical support.

Presbyterian Mission groups

PWMU – Presbyterian Womens Mission Union (2nd Thursday of month)

PWMU exists…

  • to support and encourage our missionaries at home and abroad in prayer, personal interest and finance
  • to stimulation vision for the missionary cause in our congregations
  • to support the committees set up by our church for mission and social work
  • to work in every way possible to extend the Kingdom of God in this and other lands

APWM – Australian Presbyterian World Mission

For further information visit the APWM website

English Classes

FREE English classes are available each weekday and Saturday morning. Come along if you are interested in improving your English!


  • English classes are available to anyone wishing to learn & improve their English.

  • FREE!
  • The classes focus on a variety of areas, including grammar, vocabulary and conversational skills.
  • Each class includes studying a passage from the Bible.
  • Classes are taught by volunteers, who teach each week.

Classes are held Monday to Saturday

Monday to Thursday

10:00 am – 12:30 pm; 1:30-3:30 pm


1:30 – 3:30 pm; 4:00 – 6:00 pm


10.00 am

Then stay with your new friends at IYA


International Young Adults (IYA)

International Young Adults (IYA) is a group for students from overseas to connect, learn & practice English.
As well as meet locals and learn about the Bible.

Dinner is provided.


Any young international adults are welcome to come!


Friday 6:00pm


Bamboo Hall, building out the back, behind the church.


Please contact Ray, or Marcus:

Ray (0416 090 327)

Marcus Campbell (0431 300 771)

Korean Ministry

Canterbury Presbyterian Church includes a significant proportion of Korean families & students. As a result of this ministry, there are various Korean language Bible Studies & once a month service. In most Sunday 10:30am services English-Korean written translations of the sermon are provided.

Dong-lee oversees this ministry.

Japanese Ministry


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