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More than Conquerors

It has been 82 years since William Hendriksen wrote his commentary from which this series draws its name, More than Conquerors. As Hendriksen said in his introduction, “the purpose of the book of Revelation is to comfort the militant Church (ie the present Church) in its struggle against the forces of evil. It is full of help and comfort for persecuted and suffering Christians.” Join us in our evening service as we behold the glory of the risen and ascended Christ afresh to reassure us of His victory over evil in a hostile, anti-Christian age.”

*Thank you to artist George Gittoes for permission to use his 1995 painting, The Preacher, that won the Blake Prize that year. It depicts the true story of a minister in the 1994 Rwandan genocide reading from the Sermon on the Mount while encouraging his congregation to look to the Lord, the ultimate judge.